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Notes of Wellness,
Team Lead

From Pantomime to Euphonium Concerto, Alfred is a dedicated musician with a wide variety of interests, all leading to his commitment to creating positive impact for his community. He is currently based in Mercersburg, PA. 

Growing up, Alfred actively engaged in music. When he was young, music was for him an endless series of exams and competitions, and he saw it much as a responsibility instead of a hobby. For many other students in Hong Kong, this was the same situation. It was only until he started learning from Mr. Steven Mead when he started learning to appreciate music in a more meaningful way. During the pandemic, his parents saw an advertisement featuring Mr. Steven Mead, widely considered as one of the best euphonium players in the world, and that he was open to mentor next-generation talent. Despite initial hesitancy on his part due to a self-imposed case of nervousness engaging with a world class master, Alfred took the first session. Through the many pieces shared by Steven with him, he started appreciating the art of music on a much deeper level. He finds music to be inspiring and he has learned to express his feelings through his artistry. From this experience, he aims to share with his peers that as teenagers, it can be difficult to do everything on one’s own, and by seeking external inspiration, the journey to self-realization can be better achieved.  

With this new approach in life, Alfred is making strides in both his professional and personal development at school. From an academic perspective, he is thriving in history, as he finds it fun to learn about the past, and the history of the world intrigues him. From an extracurricular perspective, aside from his passion and commitment to euphonium, he is also an active swimmer. Swimming has been a big part of his life, and he enjoys exercising in the water with many of his friends. Alfred also plays the piano, which once used to be very stressful because he was playing it for competitions. However, this is something which he does during his free time, and it has been a great way to help him relieve stress. One may also find him working in the library, where he can shut out the rest of the world and focus on his own studies, or hitting the gym where he not only conditions and strengthens his physical self, but also where he practices devotion towards a personal commitment. 

Looking ahead, Alfred is actively exploring the intersection of music and sciences to forge his own path of impact in the long-term. Going to university will allow him to have a more focused study of a field that he would like to pursue and learn more about. His objective is to help others, no matter which profession he chooses, and he wants to demonstrate deeper connectivity to his community. He believes contributing back, especially on intergenerational initiatives, is an anchor to lifelong development. He believes that it is important to be able to do something based on what one enjoys, and not be bound to duties that one must complete.

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