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Alyna Takahashi is a 16 year old student at the Cate School in California. She is currently aiming to target the inequalities of extracurricular opportunities provided for underprivileged students with her upcoming organization, ReHit. 

As a child, she had always been taught to keep an open mind when it came to after-school activities. Born in Tokyo, Japan, living in Hong Kong for 10 years and spending significant time in her second home, Honolulu Hawai’i, brought her a diverse set of these activities and experiences that she was able to engage in. Being a third culture kid, speaking and learning English, Japanese, and Mandarin, while being surrounded by different cultures will forever be her most valuable experience. 

Growing up, a few of her varying passions and hobbies included tennis, volleyball, piano, ukulele, dance and cooking. At both her former school, Hong Kong International School, and current school, Cate, she has been most heavily involved in tennis. She has been on the varsity tennis team at both schools, a manager of the boys tennis team, and a finalist in the tri-valley league individuals. 

While she is an attentive and persistent student in school, she is also curious and open minded outside of school. With interest in both sports and social justice, she has decided to start her organization, ReHit, in hopes of aiding underprivileged children and adolescents with opportunities to play sports.

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