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Future of EDU,
Youth Advocate

Amina Turganbay is an aspiring educator who believes that quality education lays the foundation for long-term sustainable development. Through pursuing engagements with Global Schools Program and UNESCO, she aims to support future generations to maximize their potential. 

One of her most favorite memories growing up was a heart-warming memory of her having an experience of working in a company (in which her father works) as an Order/Purchasing Manager for one complete month back in Summer 2022. During the whole last year, she had been finding communication with others difficult - it was hard to start talking to people, as well as asking questions and this experience of working in an office with people who are 10-20 years older than her. Knowing 10% about the whole work process helped her overcome that inner fear of communicating and asking questions she needed to know answers for - just because it was necessary to make any effort in her work. The fact of communicating with colleagues everyday to discover something new, to make progress made me much more confident than she was before, as well as that she has gained much knowledge about the distributor company work and processes and leveled up her skills in work in Excel. 

She highly values her time with her family, and assumes responsibility for it. She has been looking after her little sister for more than two years. As part of the ASPIRE 2030 team, her aim is to demonstrate that caring for one’s family is a fundamental value to creating real world impact, as everything should first be centered to one’s home. 

In the future, Amina aims to continue being a well-rounded student with passions for trying her in new spheres and learning new skills. She believes that warm hearts and determined minds are critical to make the world a better place. In the long term, Amina hopes to upgrade her knowledge abroad in order to try her best as a qualified educator as well as social innovator and entrepreneur in the area of education and sustainable development, and tackle key global issues such as children’s rights, mental health, reproductive justice and freedom of the press.

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