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Future of Sustainability,
Youth Advocate

Imaginative and intuitive, Carson Jiasheng Yang lives by the motto of “work smarter, not (just) harder”. Through his lived-in experiences, he has come to appreciate that identifying and committing to a certain purpose is key to long-term success. His passions lie in the area of sustainability, and he believes his interest in engineering will form the pathway towards tackling environmental issues, including climate change and food insecurity.

Growing up, he was a kid without much patience. Carson loved rushing through everything. It didn’t matter if it was academics or anything else, he did not have the patience to sit down and start working slowly. This all changed when he learned of the reality behind machines. When he was 5 years old, he discovered a computer tower that was opened and he noticed the many parts within the machine and he realized that all of the small components inside worked together to make the desktop function. This had a major impact on young Carson as it made him recognize the fact that the details produce the desired results.

Pursuing a wide-ranging path to satisfy his intellectual curiosity, he is taking Math extended, English A, Chinese B, Humanities, Science, Computer science, Filmmaking and Physical Education. Outside of school, Carson has many passions such as Piano, Fencing, Badminton, Robotics and Cross country. During his spare time, he enjoys reading, riling up his brother and dabbles in video games, and movies including documentaries. 

Reflecting on his experience being a youth delegate of UN Foundation’s Engine Room of the Future, Carson has affirmed that the overconsumption and inequitable distribution of resources has caused major issues for our planet. Excessive carbon dioxide released, the overharvesting of many resources has caused climate change, global warming, food scarcity and many other environmental issues. By attending a university, he wishes to learn ways to address these issues, especially the sustainability of our current lifestyle and find a way in which humans can develop without harming the earth.

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