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ASPIRE 2030,
Youth Ambassador

Catalina Blumen Webb is a curious person with another way of viewing the world. For this reason, she aspires to be an investigator, because she believes that we may have all the solutions at hand but we are not able to see them. She is very reflexive and she often thinks too much. She appreciates the moments when she doesn’t process too much around her and she is distracted. 

When she was little, her cousin used to draw all the time. Since she wanted to be like her, she started drawing. One day she drew something and showed it to her cousin; however she wasn't interested and her mood was down. Taking notice, her mom decided to draw something and she showed it to her cousin. She was so surprised that her daughter could draw something beautiful. Thinking that she drew that and people thought it was cute got her super motivated. Ever since then drawing has been her hobby. 

She learned that humans and everything is always associated with spirituality, that almost everyone has their reasons to do something, that every human of history has led us to the point we are standing now. This is extremely meaningful, because ever since then she can always be better to people surrounding her. Each interaction leads to discovery of history which she doesn’t know, and they may be acting in some way with deeper meaning that they show. She has witnessed that even though some people don't show it, they all love someone and they have their ups and downs.

At school, she plays volleyball, in the position of opposite category Sub-18. She is a communications delegate at the Student Council. She is taking the IB programme and she is planning on entering self defense or taekwondo and summer school activities.

When asked about her future, Catalina aims to bring solutions, and new ways of perceiving the world around us, and increase understanding of our human nature and psychology from the biological perspective.

Catalina Blumen Webb: Service
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