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Winners Win,

Eva Zhukova is passionate about public service - to both people and animals! She is the founder of an animal welfare organization in Russia which aims to improve the lot of our furry and feathered friends! In her free time, Eva is a diligent student and successful national athlete.

Since her childhood she has been interested in sport. She started her career as a figure skater and subsequently became a triathlete. Eva has already won international competitions, including the amateur World Triathlon Championship Series (WTS) and started her professional career in the sport thereafter. Her athletic training has taught Eva courage, composure under stress and team spirit - the ability to help others even when it means sacrificing her place in competition. Eva’s nerve was recently put to the test when she encountered a woman drowning, keeping her calm until rescuers could arrive. 

She was always interested in helping animals because they can’t cope with problems the way  people can. That is why Eva became a volunteer in a shelter to help care and provide for animals. Eva believes that, without agency, animals are the most vulnerable among us, so helping them can build individual character and improve society and the civic ethos overall. Eva thinks that the world can be changed by people’s kindness, so she started to learn psychology in order to help people become their best version and live a happy life. Interest in psychology became her passion and she founded her personal development international course ”Winners win”. This includes 5 different spheres of people’s lives: psychology, nutrition, sports, healthy habits and English. It has already touched more than 200 teenagers. 

Also, Eva is a top 20 student in her school, a founder of a blog about self-development and psychology for future leaders, a copywriter for a blog about self-esteem and achieving goals, a volunteer teacher for Ukrainian students. Her big future goal is to be accepted into a top university in the USA on a psychology degree and pursue that field professionally. For now, she is focused on helping to alleviate the plight of street animals in Russia.

Eva Zhukova: Service
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