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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Go Nakamaru is a person with great passion towards the subject of psychology. He hopes to study psychology or business management in university, opening up opportunities to his future careers.

Deciding to start a part-time job at McDonalds was one of my best decisions he has made so far. After his sophomore year transitioning into his junior year during summer, he decided to start working as one of the cooks. As he had the privilege to have a great childhood with favorable living conditions thanks to his parents, he believes that he did not have enough appreciation for the way they raised him. The most important lesson he learned starting work at McDonalds is the importance of money and appreciating the things he has. Learning the importance of money has allowed him to understand what it should be used on first and once again has allowed me to appreciate the things he has and appreciate his parents a lot for the way they raised him.

In terms of leadership activities, Go opened up the first ever business club at school and is undertaking Green Economy online studies through the UN education portal. He enjoys sports, playing in the school team for the volleyball, basketball, and soccer varsity team. His other school extracurriculars include drama club, where he works in the spotlight room. Outside of school, he has a part-time job at McDonalds as well as an internship with Uber, creating a new type of Uber app for underrage children through working with a group with new people all around the world.

Currently, he hopes to study either psychology or business management in university in either Europe or the United States. Even though currently, he still does not know what he wants to pursue as his future job, if he does study psychology in university, he hopes to continue with a masters or higher in order to become a psychiatrist or neuropsychologist. He remains open-minded to future opportunities and challenges which will come before him.

Go Nakamaru: Service
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