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Future of Communications
Youth Advocate

Homare Kawahara is interested and passionate about learning how media gives people the ability to communicate with each other. She is curious and eager to interact and connect with people located abroad, through her skills of being outgoing. She is willing to find discoveries and pursue her future career in the world of media and communications.

Since the age of two, she has attended an international school in Tokyo. Ever since she has been captivated by the different cultural backgrounds. She is currently studying abroad in the US, where she lives in a dorm with students from all around the globe, and she is more than delighted to learn and explore many different cultures of her fellow international students and share her Japanese culture as well.

At the beginning of high school, Homare decided to study abroad in the US. Living more than 1000 miles away from her family and friends in Japan, she realized how much value they had in her life. She realized the inevitability of change, and even if it's negative, we would eventually have to confront and navigate through this hardship. Through her experience of studying abroad, she learned to become more self reliant and embrace any challenges she might encounter in the future.

Homare uses her communication skill to communicate and work with many people across the country. At school she participates in numerous clubs including Asian Pacific Islander Club, Homelessness Awareness club, and many others. She is a dedicated member of the track and field team, and also did soccer in both freshman and sophomore year. Outside of school, she is currently completing her Uber Work Experience Internship, and tutoring students from Malaysian who are unable to afford education. She also works with many non profit organizations as a volunteer to diligently help those in need.

In the future, Homare aspires to pursue her career in media and communications. She would like to utilize her knowledge of media, to establish global connections, cultural exchange and diversity.  She eagerly anticipates the new discoveries and interactions that await in the college she will be attending in the future. By attending college, she expects a spark in her personal growth and personal fulfillment to find a bigger ambition.

Homare Kawahara: Service
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