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Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Polina Postnikova is a diligent and responsible person who believes hard work is important for success. Her passions lie in business and economics which she hopes to pursue as a future career.

She loves to travel and participate in competitions, so when she was offered to go to a completely different part of the country to take part in a hackathon, she happily agreed. No progress was made in the first days of the competition. Polina thought about the reason for this and came to the conclusion that in any team, each person should have their own position and responsibilities. In her team, no one had roles, as they did not agree on this. After talking about it with the team, Polina has taken on the role of manager. Work began to be conducted more productively and her team succeeded as a result. After that, Polina found out what she was good at and how work should be divided, and this planted the seed for her current interest in business related areas.

Polina is a winner of many scientific conferences and olympiads in geography and English. She is a member of her school's volunteer society, which organizes out-of-school activities for students . She is an ambassador of the environmental movement, where she authors articles on key climate action and sustainability themes, and is also the head of the school's disciplinary committee to balance safety and order.

Looking ahead, Polina plans to major in business and economics, based on her real world working experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, management and marketing. After university, she hopes to find work in a technological company and apply her business skills, as she believes that the integration of business and innovation is key to solving the world’s most pressing issues.

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