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Future of Marketing
Youth Advocate

Summer Zhang is a well-rounded and passionate student from West Vancouver, BC. She has a strong interest in business, particularly in marketing and event planning, and strives to combine her love for economics with her creative pursuits in current and future projects. 

After a two-year break, Summer rediscovered her passion for the violin, emphasizing the significance of pursuing activities driven by personal passion rather than external expectations. Inspired by her own journey, she began performing at senior homes, witnessing the joy music brought to the elderly. Additionally, she taught music to young children at a community center, providing early access to instruments and nurturing their passions. Summer’s experience taught her the transformative power of finding and pursuing one’s true passion, while also highlighting the importance of providing opportunities for others to explore their own interests. 

Summer is actively engaged in academic, extracurricular, and leadership activities. At school, she is involved in the Model United Nations, Collingwood business organization, and the Economics club. Outside of school, she volunteers at the Roedde House Museum as a curator, docent, and special events volunteer. Furthermore, Summer teaches music to children at the community center, offers online English tutoring to children in China, and performs music for senior homes. She has completed internships at SocialT specializing in social media advertising in Vancouver, and at the West Van Community Centre, organizing local events. Additionally, Summer enjoys playing the violin, singing and netball. Through her various endeavors, Summer has become a well-rounded leader in multiple aspects of her life. 

Looking ahead, Summer aspires to follow her primary passion in business, specifically event planning and marketing. Her ambition is to establish a successful career in one of these areas, leveraging her experiences and skills. She is driven to achieve recognition by organizing large-scale, leading events and making lasting impact in her chosen field.

Summer Zhang: Service
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