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Future of Culture,
Youth Advocate

Taisuke Shimano is a creatively open minded person and positively minded person when working under stress. His desire to pursue in the film industry has stuck with him since his middle school years

Enculturated by having lived in four different countries: Japan, Thailand, Italy, and Germany, he has learnt to appreciate and accept different views and respect them as different people have different backgrounds. Amongst these views Taisuke has learnt to be able to work collaboratively with various people and make sure to incorporate different views in opinions that he forms. He plans to showcase this in an upcoming project of promoting sustainable tourism in a short-documentary. 

He takes part in a variety of activities, which all require some sort of leadership including the school student council, a garden club, and setting up a small business inside the school. While maintaining a rigorous program of the International Baccalaureate he aims to become a global citizen and use his open mindedness and experience to get into jobs affiliated with media including Universal, Illumination, Sony, etc.

Taisuke’s vision is to graduate from a film prestigious college, and develop his sense of originality to bring to the world a new perspective on film. He plans to work with large film cooperation to gain experience and allow his originality to prosper into the film world.

Taisuke Shimano: Service
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