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Art for the Soul,

Youqi Xie is a passionate individual who strives for the best in her pursuits. Harboring a love for both the STEM and humanities, she loves cultivating knowledge in various fields and using them to enact positive changes in her surroundings.

Having spent the majority of her student life in Singapore, Youqi faced several obstacles along her rigorous education journey growing up. Thankfully, her family was there to guide her every step of her way. Youqi holds one lesson especially close to her heart – “Although the problem at hand may seem impossible to overcome, we should not give up. The end result often comes out better than expected.” Since then, Youqi has overcome numerous hurdles, and she believes that she will continue to stay determined in the time to come.

Youqi currently attends Hwa Chong Institution, the number one ranked high school in Singapore after scoring straight-As at the end of her secondary school years. She is currently doing a research paper on Psychology and interning at a technology company. A large proportion of her free time is spent working on Art for the Soul, an initiative she founded that aims to improve artistic expression and appreciation globally. She is also an avid public speaker, having ranked 2nd in a regional chinese debate competition. As the leader of several community projects, she has impacted vulnerable communities both within and outside of Singapore.

Youqi plans to major in the social sciences during university with hopes of pursuing a job in the field post graduation. She wishes to attend a university which can provide her with the most meaningful education journey possible and work with people with similar goals as her to change the world.

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