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Future of Linguistics,

Zahra Reaves is an innately curious and intellectual young woman who is driven to change the world,  through not only her advocacy for a more equitable society, but also through her love for linguistics. 

When she was younger, Zahra often felt as though she was on the margin of both of her racial identities. At the age of 12, she was told for the first time that she did not fit with her own culture. Often accused of misappropriation, she has struggled to feel comfortable with her Indian roots. During Diwali puja as she sang with members of her family, she realized that both sides of ethnicity were ingrained in every part of her no matter what. 

In high school, Zahra is a junior and the president of her student body, something which she has been involved in for 5 years. She first got into the student body to conquer her social anxiety and since has been a leading figure in her school.  She is currently taking 5 AP courses which include Calculus BC, Physics C, English Language, US History, and Computer Science Principles. Zahra is also captain of the varsity cheer team as well as participating in varsity swim. Outside of school, she finds herself studying Latin and Japanese to enrich her knowledge and feed her linguistic pursuits. Zahra also participates in robotics competitively. In her personal time, she enjoys art. which she has been doing for six years, and is working on her personal portfolio. 

Looking ahead, Zahra plans to attend a top university and focus on making an impact on the world as a doctor after achieving her degree in linguistics and attending medical school. She hopes to live a fufilling life helping achieve an equal society. 

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