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Future of Child Advocacy,
Youth Advocate

Zoe Hausler is a tenacious woman who embraces challenges head-on. She reflects the caliber of her character through her actions and the community around her.  Her focus lies in delving deep into the world of child advocacy, and the impact of aiding children globally. 

Although Zoe lives in San Francisco California, she ventured to New Hampshire for school in 9th grade. Having to live across the geographical separation at such a young age initially presented difficulties for Zoe as she struggled to find her place. Navigating her way, guided by her inner voice, in a new environment, she swiftly cultivated independence, learning the art of stepping beyond her comfort zone and taking calculated risks for what truly matters to her.

Zoe’s unwavering dedication to excellence resulted in her attainment of Summa Cum Laude, the highest academic honor, during her high school years. Alongside her academic achievements, she actively took on multiple leadership roles, spearheading the Random Acts of Kindness Club, Brewster Leadership, the Brewster Newspaper and more. She thoroughly enjoys immersing herself in outdoor activities and connecting with diverse individuals.

Zoe aspires to attend a competitive university to pursue child advocacy and entrepreneurship. Her ultimate goal is to become a philanthropist, making a global difference in children’s access to health and resources. With her unwavering passion, Zoe aims to create a brighter future for children worldwide.

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