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Future of Artistry,
Youth Advocate

Debbie Zhang is a top art student who believes that giving everyone creative expression and equal opportunity for all to achieve is critical to making the world a better place. In the long term, she hopes to use her artistic ability to create a platform for creative people who may not have the opportunity to express themselves.

Debbie’s parents are musicians who believed in freedom of expression and independence. So she grew up freely exploring all sorts of activities like dance, piano, swimming, horse riding; which some she enjoys while others not so much. But this freedom has kept her mind open to new ideas and taught her independence. Through these experiences, she learnt that it’s never too late to try something, and this is reflected in her current pursuits.

Debbie picked up many more interests throughout middle and high school, like singing. coming quite far in choral singing in 3 years, now as section leader of one the top New Zealand auditioned choirs. Along with her artistic development, she hasn’t allowed herself to drop in her academics either, as she believes her well roundedness is what keeps her perspective unprecedented. Debbie was awarded a scholars award in year 10 and academic excellence in international baccalaureate in year 11 and hopes to finish the IB program with 42+. She has started an art club and a LGBTQ+ art collective to create platforms for anyone who has a creative mind, while more openly expressing her belief in self expression by creating a children’s book.

Debbie aims to do an illustration major in Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) where she is able to meet more like minded people, and immerse herself in an artistic environment. Upon finishing university, she wants to become a freelance illustrator and continue encouraging freedom of expression with her artistic ability.

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