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Full of diligence and compassion, Mako Iwaki always seeks kindness in her community, devoting herself to helping others in need. Through her interest in public policies and international law, she desires to create an impact by tackling social justice issues in her community, valuing empathy to stand up for others.


Mako has always cherished the story ‘The Gift of the Magi’, which taught her that no matter how pointless an act of kindness may seem, the love received will be unforgotten and will spread beyond. Inspired by this, Mako strives to make opportunities for assistance in her surroundings, regardless of potential hardships faced by the characters in the story. Mako especially conveys kindness by being in the state known as “helper’s high”, autonomously taking action to help others. Once she noticed a lost child in a mall arcade center, looking for his mother, who turned out to leave the mall to search outside. With the guidance of the mall staff, Mako comforted the child and stayed with him for half a day until his parents arrived.


To gain a realistic view of her interest in public service and policies, Mako has devoted herself to service at her school’s Kiwanis Key Club. As one of the club leaders, the team works to contribute to various fields of charity, including raising awareness of natural disasters and supporting victims via local fundraisers. In addition, she takes online courses to further acquire knowledge of international law, contemplating how she could impact her society on a global scale.


In the future, Mako aims to study political science as her major at Princeton University, particularly focusing on political theory and comparative politics, in order to achieve her dream of becoming a political and social researcher.

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