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Future of Wellness,
Youth Advocate

Charlotte Leono is a student based in Singapore, and she is currently active across the areas of art, music and dance. Her academic interests include English and Mathematics, and she aspires to pursue the area of psychology from both a biological and behavioral perspective to better understand how the brain and mental health are connected. 

Growing up, some of Charlotte’s most memorable moments are when she is exploring new countries. Her family went on a trip to Japan once when she was seven years old, and going to Japan and experiencing new things, such as her first snow in Hokkaido, was a great family experience. This was the very first place she has been to, and she cherishes these memories. Paris is her next dream destination! 

At high school, Charlotte’s academic interests lie in English and mathematics. For the former, she likes English mainly because she gets to write and read, and writing allows her to express herself and widen her imagination. She also finds reading to be very calming. For the latter, she likes mathematics because she finds it’s really straightforward, as it is mostly memorizing equations and applying them. 

Outside of academics, she started playing volleyball in sixth grade and has been playing it ever since. She finds volleyball engaging, and it allows her to work as a team and get to know new people. She is also in service clubs, which empowers her to help people who are in need. By helping them, she feels a sense of accomplishment, and currently her endeavors are in the areas of poverty alleviation, animal rights and other social issues such as mental health. For her personal interests, she chooses them from the perspective of supporting her own mental health, whether it is through art as a pathway to express her feelings, through dance which she finds entertaining and fun and through piano which allows her to express her emotions. Even though practicing piano is really tiring - when she finally masters a song, she gets a sense of success. 

Looking ahead, Charlotte aims to achieve various objectives by high school graduation to further her professional and personal growth. She plans to start her own service club, such as in the area of mental health, and contribute to more service clubs. To further her academic pursuits, she is targeting 7 AP classes, including AP Psychology, while achieving good grades for her finals. In the future, she aims to study psychology to better understand how the human brain works and do a deeper dive into the areas of behavioral and criminological psychology. 

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