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Global Issues Network,

Jessica Chien is a Grade 11 student at I-shou International School in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and is a youth advocate for environment conservation. 

A curious and active person passionate about self-expression through dance, film and art, Jessica is devoted to creative endeavors. Having grown up surrounded by the ocean, Jessica has grown to have a deep connection with the ocean environment and marine life. Research has shown that being near the ocean has extremely positive effects on mental health, but it is also vital for the planet. And yet, Jessica realizes that her hometown Kaohsiung is often covered by air pollution in the winter, and industrial runoff pours into the ocean. Therefore, she has developed environmental consciousness and is active in environmental causes. She would like to do more of that in the future!

During 2020-2021, she and her friends participated in a local project to plant trees and advocate for the greening of the city in order to combat climate change. She was also active in the community and became co-president of the club Global Issues Network. Some of her activities include volunteer teaching at an elementary school, running bake sales to raise money for orphanages, and coordinating a competition for earth day, among other environmental initiatives. 

Looking ahead, Jessica hopes to become more engaged in the public debate over environmental issues, perhaps leveraging her creative talents. She would like to promote a culture of refuse-reduce-reuse-recycle so that people make environmentalism an unconscious daily practice for the good of the planet.

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