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Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Kai Hagiwara, a diligent athlete with a passion for business and soccer, aspires to develop entrepreneurial skills and become a soccer coach, driven by a love for helping others. 

Kai has lived in various nations such as Japan, China, the US, and presently resides in the UK. He engaged in soccer in all these locations, enabling him to encounter diverse cultures and interact with people worldwide from a young age. Kai’s experiences sparked his passion for uniting and collaborating with others. He encountered exceptionally gifted youngsters who, due to unfortunate circumstances, had to commence their sports journey later in life. This motivated him to embrace a more open mindset and extend the joy of sports to more young individuals in the future. 

Kai recently completed his A levels, where he studied Mathematics, Economics, and Business. Notably, he received consecutive awards for being the best in this business class and ranked among the top students in economics. His deep interest in the world of business continues to fuel his drive. Outside of school, Kai actively volunteers as a football coach and referee, contributing to his local community, and  plans to host soccer classes in Japan during the summer. Moreover, Kai is actively engaged in competitive football, playing at both the U19 level and semi-professional level in England. In his leisure time, he enjoys going to the gym and playing video games, rounding out his diverse interests. 

Looking ahead, Kai aims to pursue both his academic and athletic journey at a university, where he plans to further cultivate his passion for business.

Kai Hagiwara: Service
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