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Future of Law,
Youth Advocate

Yicen Long, or Catherine, is a high school student with a passion for learning and self-improvement. With resilience, she navigates challenges, cultivating the quality of embracing change and aspiring to leave a meaningful impact in law in the future.

Catherine spent every summer and winter vacation of her childhood coming from China to the United States and moved to California at the age of 14, which exposed her to two different regions and cultures. She is fluent in both Mandarin and English, speaking and learning these languages will always be her most valuable experience.

Catherine made the most of her time in school by taking the maximum number of honors and AP courses allowed by the school, as well as studying history and chemistry courses on her own outside of school. Beyond academics, she is an accomplished classical pianist and varsity golf player. Catherine started playing the piano at 6 years old and it has become an integral part of her life, they are like close friends to each other. The delicate handling of each tone, rhythm and emotion required has taught her carefulness, persistence and time management. Meanwhile, through golf, she builds great friendships and develops the golf spirits.

Catherine’s favorite movie is Erin Brockovich. Erin's tenacity, determination, and unwavering commitment to justice inspired Catherine to become a lawyer. In the future, she would like to use her legal skills to make a positive change on the world and advocate for those who could not advocate for themselves. Catherine wants to use the advantages of being bilingual to help more vulnerable groups.

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