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Future of Internationalism,
Youth Advocate

Seven Lu, 15, is a student at the Maret School, a small, coeducational independent school, in Washington D.C. Passionate about law and global affairs, Seven hopes to spend his career working for the United States government in order to take action towards a more equitable society and prosperous economy. 

Seven’s experience overcoming adversity has shaped his values and worldview. When he was in middle school, he had a significant and noticeable stutter which greatly impacted his everyday interactions. It hurt his relationships with his friends, attracted the ridicule of his peers, impeded his ability to participate in class, and seriously disrupted his functioning in life. Overwhelmed by embarrassment, he told himself that he must overcome it. Seven began reading to himself in the mirror daily, and also signed up for a debate class in order to practice his public speaking skills. After a few months, his stuttering was gone, but what remained was a compassion for other people as well as an inner strength to persevere. 

Debate also introduced Seven to the world of politics, the vehicle for change in a democratic society. It caused him to form his own sense of moral right and wrong, construct his own opinion, and become informed about the important issues of the day. After starting high school, he thrusted himself even further into government, attending a week-long seminar which allowed him to meet some of the leading voices in the American government, including Senators, cabinet members, and federal judges. He also attended Harvard Model Congress, allowing himself to experience what life was like in the legislative branch. He looks forward to attending various United Nations events and building up his global leadership profile. 

In the future, Seven hopes to study political science and law, and build a career in the US government using the knowledge and skills he has acquired to implement change and advocate for issues he supports.

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