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Future of Culture,
Youth Advocate

Kai Fuchigami is a creative and critical thinker with a passion for imagination and statistics. He finds himself drawn to the interplay between creativity and analytical thinking through engaging in debates, tennis, communication with a variety of people, and designing. With a deep curiosity about the world around him, Kai explores learning with enthusiasm and desire to grasp new ideas. 

Growing up in Japan till the age of 8 and moving to the Netherlands just with his Mother, Kai has always considered it an honor to receive an international education. He was just 8, and the daily life of living with a family of four suddenly shifted to living just with his mother in foreign country made him feel very nervous. However, after exploring the new environment with welcoming people and communities, he was able to adapt himself and show enough energy and vitality to not worry his father, who remained in Japan. This transition taught Kai a very important lesson, that one’s ideal environment will never change if they simply wait, however they can create their own environment by taking action, interacting with new people, learning other cultures, and generally to have fun. Witnessing his Mother navigate the challenges of a foreign country on her own further emphasized this lesson, as he saw how proactive engagement with one’s surroundings can lead to a sense of belonging and security. Therefore, through international education, Kai not only learned about other cultures but also discovered the power of resilience in shaping one’s own environment and experiences. 

In school, Kai takes Geography, Biology, and Digital Society for HL subjects. For the SL subjects, he takes English Language and Literature, French AB Initio, and Math AA. 

Kai engages in Model United Nations (MUN) and has participated in some conferences. The fact that he is so engaged in speech making activity is because of his past engagement in debate club in 7-8th grade. The debate club was to prepare students to compete in the World Scholars Cup (WSC) which was a global debate competition where students in different leagues attempted to reach the final league held in Yale University. Kai successfully managed to make it in the finals league with his peers and achieved medals. 

Kai also serves as a club leader of the fashion club in school. His interest towards design and fashion led him to teach younger students about the fashion industry, business and marketing, the issue of fast fashion, and the way to create your own brand (not just clothes, anything related to designing). He plays tennis outside school, he has been playing tennis for 9 years. He is part of the tennis school that is established by Japanese coaches. In summer, he assists at their tennis camp as a coach to teach young participants. Linking to the tennis camp, Kai’s interest in tennis and designing interplayed and achieved to design and create merchandise for the tennis camp event all by himself. Kai has been playing acoustic guitar for 3 years. This not only allows him to learn the sense of music but provides him the opportunity to learn the way to think critically.

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