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Future of Entrepreneurship,
Youth Advocate

Jabrail Huseynov, based in Baku, is an extraordinary chess player and math Olympiad with plans to become one of the most successful tech entrepreneurs the world has seen. He believes he can create something that will make the world better and more enjoyable. In the long term, Jabrail wants to help this world with his future technologies in solving the world’s major problems and contribute to long-term sustainable development.

When Jabrayil was 12, he attended start-up lessons online and didn't take them seriously. By the third month when he was about to submit his final project, he started realizing that the teammate he has chosen has not pulled his weight. Despite his best personal efforts in delivering a good final presentation, he missed the chance of earning some of the higher level awards and attending international conferences. This experience has taught Jabrayil two things: one is to take the initiative to form deeper relationships with future teammates and second is to choose courses which give him more flexibility to co-design the learning outcomes.   

Jabrayil aims to become a leader in and out of his school, and he also believes that true leadership involves empowering others to lead as well. In addition to his academic pursuits, he has participated in many extra lessons and competitions which include math and science olympiads, start-up academy, and student council. For the first, he has achieved many great rewards. An example is the kangaroo olympiad, where he was awarded 3rd place in one of the hardest math olympiads in the world. He also attended a chemistry olympiad and was awarded 2nd place.  For the second, Jabrayil attended online and on site lessons and learned many factors about starting a business or a start up. These courses really helped him understand and appreciate how the real world works and how the correct ideation and design process plays a crucial role in the future success of a business. For the third, his position as Head of Year 9 within student council helped him share his ideas of the school, and overall help him and others find their belonging in this community.  

Since he was born, he loved playing sports and mostly included his brother in it too. Jabrayil and his brother are really close and share a lot in common: for example they both like football and always go outside to play it with random people on the streets. Jabrayil also took a liking in martial arts and signed up for boxing first but left for jiu jitsu.

Looking ahead, Jabrayil aims to pursue an interdisciplinary education in order to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and relationships to attain his goal of being a successful entrepreneur as well as a team leader. Leveraging on education, he aims to build a technology platform that tackles world issues such as poverty, climate change and healthcare. 

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