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Future of Sustainability
Youth Advocate

Combining her passion for tennis with growing concern for climate change, Candice Tang founded the EcoClimate Society to combat the crisis through interdisciplinary STEM research and global awareness initiatives. 

A year ago, Candice attended a climate talk by scientist Katharine Hayhoe, which made her realize the pervasiveness of climate change beyond science. Dr. Hayhoe's personal experience as a skier resonated with Candice, reminding her of the impact of rising temperatures on her own passion for tennis. Encouragement from her varsity teammates motivated Candice to overcome challenges on the court, but the rising temperatures from climate change hindered her love for the sport. This connection to Dr. Hayhoe's talk inspired Candice to combat climate change.

In high school, Candice channels her curiosity as a top 5% AMC 8 scorer and her passion for community involvement. She volunteers at MathMagicians, teaching AMC and inspiring younger students to enjoy math competitions, earning consecutive President’s Volunteer Service Awards. Candice’s commitment to the cause was reignited when she came across articles about rising temperatures, reminding her of Dr. Hayhoe’s talk, leading her to establish the global organization EcoClimate Society. Candice also takes action by reaching out to senators and getting involved in Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) to stop the climate crisis.

Looking ahead, Candice aims to attend a university that prioritizes interdisciplinary research and engineering, focusing on addressing climate change through STEM fields. Her passion lies in tackling water waste issues and enhancing the eco-friendliness of energy consumption. She envisions collaborating with experts from various disciplines to create sustainable solutions and raise public awareness about the far-reaching effects of climate change. Candice firmly believes that saving the people, rather than just the Earth, is crucial in achieving a greener world.

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