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Future of STEAM,
Youth Advocate

Chiho Hayashi, a passionate lover of science, is driven by her curiosity and ambition. Currently researching bateria, she dreams of becoming a researcher in universities and companies specializing in biotechnologies or engineering. Chiho commits to revitalizing Japan’s position in the field of “STEAM” due to the country’s declining technological competitiveness in electronic devices and programming.

Chiho's most treasured memory is participating  in the National Science Group competition as a leader of the school representative team.We competed in physics, biology, earth science, chemistry, math and informatics, while also demonstrating our ability to conduct experiments aligned with the given theme. Chiho brought together individuals who had never interacted before.We Achieved the Top 5 percent of the all the team. The experience taught Chiho the importance of listening to diverse ideas and integrating them into a unified scheme,which will undoubtedly benefit future research.

Currently, Chiho is engaged in researching iron-oxidizing bacteria for the purpose of reusing sewage sludge as fertilizer. She holds the role of school representative in the Super High School program and serves as the vice president of the academic research club in Crimson. Despite English communication difficulties, Chiho’s determination shines through. Together with her club members, they plan to create websites and funds for their project. One initiative involves contacting a university professor for guest lectures, aiming to establish a global community of passionate student researchers.

In the near future, Chiho wants to conduct advanced research at a high level. Chiho is aware that US universities possess cutting-edge technology and equipment. Her goal is to become a researcher, whether in a company or a university, with the purpose of improving people’s lives and enhancing Japan’s competitiveness in STEM fields.

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