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Future of Entrepreneurship,
Youth Advocate

Ethan Lo is a youth advocate in the areas of politics and economics as he believes it takes both aspects to connect to drive positive systems level change. He is described by his peers to be hard-working, humorous and caring, and he aims to pursue a future in the areas of finance and entrepreneurship as well as marketing and communications.  

Growing up, after spending time with family during the pandemic, he has learned the value of family time and was grateful for the moments created with his family. During the crisis, his family was forced to stay inside of their house. At first, refusing to spend time with his family, he played video games during all the extra time he had. However, he soon realized that spending quality time with his family is truly meaningful whereas video games only lead to temporary happiness. Through activities such as cooking, baking and watching movies together, he learned to appreciate time spent with his family and to not take it for granted. 

Outside of his academics, Ethan is an avid swimmer, and in the pool, he feels invigorated. In addition to swimming, Ethan enjoys playing basketball because of the competitive nature of the sport, and football because of the toughness required to play which pushes him to be stronger both physically and mentally.Other activities which he is engaged in include the promotion of sports as he believes that pursuing physical activity is great for health and well-being, character building as well as vitaly development. To further his interests in communications, he is a member of various school journalism and newspaper projects and clubs, and he aims to one day serve as the editor in chief. Given one of his interest areas lies in the access and affordability of quality education, he is also working to explore better ways to democratize knowledge sharing. 

Looking ahead, Ethan believes that real positive change requires youth to work more collaboratively together. He would like to contribute his emerging skills in the areas of business and entrepreneurship to co-designing solutions tackling the issues related to poverty, mental health, corruption and education alongside his peers, and hopefully one day embody the change he wants to see.

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