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Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

Nagomi Katano, a compassionate Japanese student, is driven by a strong commitment to gender equality and a passion for Economics, particularly in the field of Finance. She firmly believes that fostering inclusivity and recognising the unique contributions of individuals is vital in shaping a better world. With a long-term goal of becoming a social entrepreneur in the fashion industry, Nagomi is dedicated to establishing inclusive environments, not only with her future workplace but also within her own stores.

Growing up in Japan, Nagomi experienced first hand the rigid education system that restricted students from embracing their true selves. The school enforced uniforms based on our sexuality, leaving no room for individual expression and making many of us feel uncomfortable due to the rigid dress code. However, studying abroad in Canada presented Nagomi with a transformative experience of unparalleled diversity. The inclusive and accepting environment she encountered opened her eyes to the importance of embracing uniqueness and authenticity. When Nagomi came back to Japan and felt that the educational landscape environment hasn’t change, she became determined to create positive impact, ensuring that everyone can confidently embrace their true identity. 

Nagomi is an accomplished and dedicated student, excelling in her studies and actively pursuing additional learning opportunities. She is currently studying edX Courses in finance, gender and math, expanding her knowledge beyond the classroom. Nagomi’s outstanding academic performance has been recognized with three school titles of top academic student in her grade. She also actively participates in a young pioneers course focused on leadership development. In her personal endeavors, Nagomi is spearheading a fundraiser in support of LGBTQ+ rights, known as “Wata Puro.” Her dedication to education, community, and inclusivity reflects her well-rounded and compassionate nature. 

Nagomi seeks deep conversations about gender, drawing from her study abroad experience and the noticeable differences in Japan upon her return, she aims to share knowledge and actively contribute to societal change. 

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