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Future of Law,
Global Leadership Team

Sabrina Zhang is currently a sophomore in high school, and she aspires to achieve impact-driven success in her life. With a developing interest in social sciences and pre-law, her ambition remains to aim for a career revolving around reducing polarisation as a pathway to advancing social equality.

During her childhood, her parents had first influenced her into the subject of math, and she’d often been seen in outside math classes, lacking interest. As she matured through middle school, other subjects seemed to be more appealing, and Sabrina accumulated a lot of interest in arts and humanities-based classes. But even if she’s not following what her parents make her to be, and even if her interests vastly differ, Sabrina learned that it’s okay.

As a sophomore in high school, Sabrina attends the National History Society and SMYL clubs. Outside of school, she enjoys art, something which she has done for over 10 years, including the mediums of acrylic paint, pen, and graphite. As a sport, she plays tennis, and made her junior varsity team in high school. Unfortunately, due to an injury, she is unable to play her sophomore year, but is hoping to aim for varsity in her junior year. As a result of the unfamiliar switch to in-person learning in her first year of classes, she mainly focused on her grades in her freshman year of high school. However, Sabrina is confident and determined in engaging with more of her peers to build a larger ring of connections around her. In her personal time, Sabrina enjoys creating moments with her family and friends through visiting family members abroad and having genuine conversations. 

Looking ahead, Sabrina desires to major in pre-law, attending a university such as UPenn or Cornell. Although the details of her future are blurry, she first desires to make sure she is able to reach her goal of attending a great college to jumpstart impact generation in the real world.

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