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Arts in the Park

Alyse Zee is someone who never gives up easily, and tries her best on everything.  She is always pushing herself to overcome challenges, produce work with quality, and to make herself a better person each day.  She is a hardworking and imaginative individual who consistently pushes herself to achieve her own goals.  She also has this unique ability to think outside the box and come up with her own exceptional ideas that inspire others, with a focus on social innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Poverty, climate change, mental health, disability rights are the four issues Alyse thinks are most interesting and wants to help with. She experienced climate change herself as she lives in Hong Kong.  She noticed that the weather these days is becoming severely hot, probably because of the pollution and trash dumped on roads, beaches, sidewalks, etc. She also wants to help with disability rights as she thinks that having disabilities is not something people should be ashamed of, people with disabilities should be proud of their uniqueness.  An issue that Alyse thinks people are most affected these days are people over-relying on technologies and AIs.  Our phones now allow us to search any information up with just a click on the screen, that is how simple it is.  She wants to help take action in this as over-relying and using technologies too much will affect people’s relationship with their loved ones as well as our mental and physical health.

Growing up, she has two favorite quotes. “Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what make life meaningful.” is very meaningful to her as she believes that if a person has no challenges in their life, their life will be like a tree without apples and it will be really boring.  If you think positively, having challenges in life actually makes you a better version of you and makes your life more meaningful and memorable. Second, “Is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness.” strikes a chord as happiness is not what we own, or what we have.  Happiness is all about experiences with your loved ones and enjoying your own life.  That is what makes us happy, not what we own and have.

For academics, Alyse aims to be the Tutor Representative for Grade 9, and she also aims to get the design subject award next year.  For extracurricular activities, Alyse was in the MUN CCA in Grade 8 and is going to participate in the Young Ambassador Program CCA in Grade 9.  For personal activities, Alyse is starting on her own personal project “Arts In The Park”, and also participated in Dance World Cup representing Hong Kong which is an international competition held annually.

Looking ahead, Alyse is not that sure on what she wants to study in the future yet, but she has a few ideas.  She wants to study Design as she not only enjoys design, but she also got good grades for the subject “Design” at school.  She also finds Design more interesting compared to other jobs.  She also wants to study Business as she has an interest in creating websites and using different media to help sell a product.  She once created her own mini “store” on Instagram and she enjoys marketing the product.  

Alyse Zee: Service
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