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Future of Innovation,
Youth Advocate

Vedika Lakhotiya is a driven and ambitious 15- year-old high school student hailing from Singapore. Her unwavering commitment to personal growth, gratitude, and achievement is truly inspiring. She possesses a unique fascination with the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, economics, and sustainability that fuels her academic pursuits. Her forward-thinking approach and passion for innovation set her apart as a remarkable young scholar. 

Vedika’s experience playing the big bad wolf in the 3rd grade pushed her beyond her comfort zone, as she had never acted before. Initially doubting her suitability for the leading role, the fact that she tried something new filled her with pride. Another creative endeavor she pursued was making a CD-disk hologram in the second grade, sparking her interest in engineering and inspiring her to dedicate more time to learning about them. During her childhood, she found immense pleasure in playing with Lego blocks, fostering her creativity and nurturing a fascination with engineering. For hours on end, she would construct futuristic cities with captivating designs.

Vedika’s journey began at a young age, when her passion for technology led her to explore solar robot kits and even design an app that was showcased at Apple. By the age of 7, she discovered her talent for technology with Scratch programming and she dedicated countless hours to honing her skills. 

As Vedika progressed through her academic career, she developed a deep concern for the climate crisis. In the 5th grade, she took the initiative to start a petition against deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, which garnered an impressive 3000 signatures and raised awareness within her community. 

In 7th grade, Vedika demonstrated her problem-solving abilities by devising a solution to combat the carcinogenic waste produced by leather factories. These factories were contaminating water sources, endangering both wildlife and humans. Her solution aimed at mitigating the harmful effects of this waste, showcasing her commitment to sustainability. 

Continuing on her path of making a positive impact, Vedika actively promotes awareness within her school community about various environmental issues. In addition to her sustainability efforts, she is also pursuing a range of GCSE courses, including advanced math, sciences, computer science, English, Spanish, Global citizenship, and History. 

Vedika aspires to join the renowned M&T dual degree program at the Wharton School of Business and Penn Engineering. She aims to leverage this education to become a leader in an impactful international organization, driving sustainable engineering initiatives while actively advocating for a better future.

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