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Better Me,

Briana Chan is a creative and determined individual who is passionate about the study of visual arts, humanities and education. From scribbling on her bedroom walls with crayons, as a young child, to painting and volunteering at local museums and organizations she strives to create a welcoming environment for creativity to become accessible to others. 

Pink Square boxes are the core symbol of being a nomad. In 2015, Briana began her nomadic journey, moving from Richmond to Surrey within the lower mainland of Vancouver. She changed schools multiple times, all within a 20-kilometer distance, symbolized by pink square boxes. Transitioning from a free-spirited public school to private school in 2019, Briana learned adaptability and discovered the impact of different education systems. These experiences created further appreciation of her privileges and understanding of creating more educational opportunities. 

Briana is an advocate for transformative power of visual arts and humanities, actively seeking ways to make a positive impact in her community. As the director of programs at “A.ware Foundation,” a non-profit organization, she collaborates with team members to provide weekly art workshops for individuals with disabilities. Briana volunteers at institutions like Christianne’s Lyceum and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Briana’s involvement in Model United Nations and her leadership as the ambassador club have honed her communication skills.In 2020, she co-founded “Better Me,” a non-profit that mentors Chinese overseas students in English through online platforms, fostering cross-cultural understanding. 

Looking ahead, Briana is enthusiastic about utilizing her diverse passion for arts and humanities to make a more profound impact within her community. Whether it would be through painting, playing music, or delving deeper into history, she aspires to effect positive change on a large scale. Briana plans to begin mentoring at local organizations, with a long term goal of participating in university-led research programs to develop public initiatives that enable creativity and education to flourish in our world.

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