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World Vision Club,

Sigrid Liu is a hard-working perfectionist and strives her best to achieve her goals. Based in Taiwan, she is enthusiastic about music and sports, and she is also passionate about supporting those who need her help. Therefore, she aims to develop a project which effectively addresses the issues of mental health, gender equality and inclusive education.

Growing up, one of her strongest areas of interest is piano. She started to learn the piano at the age of five, and is currently studying with a professor in Taiwan National University of the Arts, Grace Chung. She performed in one recital at Kaohsiung Music Hall in 2019, one recital at the recital hall of Weiwuying National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts in 2021, and is expected to perform at the recital hall of Weiwuying again in 2023. She has won several international competitions, including the first place of Medici International Music Competition, silver price of Amadeus International Music Awards, first place of Tokyo International Youth Music Competition, finalist of 5th Steinway Youth Competition Taiwan, etc. Sigrid also joined some music festivals, such as MDW piano festival in 2019, Maestro Art Taiwan 2020, and Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy 2022. 

In addition to music, Sigrid always holds a dream of becoming a sportswoman. Although her time spent in sports is greatly reduced due to her immersion into music, she still demonstrates her perseverance and love towards sports. She likes to spend her free time playing badminton, basketball, dodgeball, etc.                         

Growing up in a family with love has caused Sigrid to be motivated by helping others. She is the co-founder of World Vision, a school club that supports the minorities by fundraising drives. 

When asked about her future, Sigrid is currently exploring an interdisciplinary approach integrating humanities and sciences to realize real world impact. 

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