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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Tatsuya Kataoka, a 19 year old student from Tokyo, Japan, has witnessed firsthand Japan’s decline as a global business leader. Growing up in the bustling heart of the country’s commerce, Tatsuya saw his father excel in three different countries. However, he also noticed the widespread problem of harsh working conditions. Fueled by a strong interest in psychology and business, Tatsuya dreams of building a society where both thriving businesses and individuals’ sense of purpose can thrive together.

Tatsuya tried out eight different sports competitively when he was young, including football, swimming, tennis, rugby, and track and field. However he made a big decision in highschool to quit all of them and focus on playing baseball, which he had developed an interest in. But it wasn’t easy for him in Japan, where many people start playing baseball as kids. He faced challenges like injuries and sometimes being bullied by teammates. Nonetheless, he stayed determined and work hard to achieve his goal. Eventually, he became the vice captain of his team and played a crucial role in the final tournament during his senior year. The experience taught him the importance of patience, hard work, and solving problems on his own. 

Currently, Tatsuya is studying psychology at university, Apart from his coursework, he is an active member of the psychology department’s student council and conducts research in the field of social psychology. He is also engaged in addressing social issues like SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) to improve society.

Regarding his long-term goals, Tatsuya is enthusiastic about pursuing a career in the business field. Growing up with his father, he witnessed the joy of overcoming challenges and achieving goals in that domain. Tatsuya plans to continue studying psychology while also learning about business at his dream school, New York University. By combining his knowledge of psychology and business, Tatsuya envisions creating a society where successful businesses and individuals’ sense of purpose can coexist and prosper harmoniously. 

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