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Future of Film,
Youth Advocate

Soh Hashiguchi is an ambitious student with a deep passion for the movie industry. He thrives on uncovering new knowledge and eagerly shares his latest discoveries. 

Soh, born and raised in Tokyo with a life carefully planned by his parents, lacked significant challenges. Feeling trapped in a repetitive routine, he found his existence boring. However, everything changed when he watched a movie at the age of 14. Tired of the monotonous school tasks, he skipped a day and stumbled upon a film by Makoto Shinkai. This movie, portraying a man clinging to a past love before finding the courage to move on, deeply resonated with Soh. It touched his heart, reflecting his own struggles. Inspired by this experience, he made a decision to return to school and embrace a new path. Recognizing the power of movies to change lives, Soh’s realization motivated him to seek knowledge and gain diverse experiences, understanding that empathy requires shared understanding. 

Soh excels  academically in both humanities and sciences, gaining fresh perspectives through subjects like world history and geography. He consistently achieves top marks in his beloved subjects of history and Japanese history. In his extracurricular activities, he collaborates with the musical club to create short movies and attends a school to learn about film production. Exploring the Philippines broadens his horizons as he engages with locals and embraces diverse perspectives.

Looking ahead, Soh envisions university as a hub for meeting remarkable individuals and forging valuable connections. He aspirates to immerse himself in the current movie industry, with a particular interest in Hollywood. His ultimate goal is to become a director who challenges societal norms and creates thought provoking and controversial works that inspire dialogue and critical thinking. 

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