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Future of Engineers,
Global Leadership Team

Yi Qiao Lin, or Joe Lin, is an adventurous and curious student based in Hong Kong, seeking to pursue a dual path of engineering and management to create solutions benefiting people and the planet. His key interests in global affairs lie at the intersection of climate change, healthcare and cybersecurity. 

Joe spent countless hours planning for a simple F1 car to be built out of VEX, which is a more complicated form of LEGO. He created a design in which it seemed to work but something was forgotten, a place to hold the motors for the car to drive. He spent hours and hours after school, in school and during breaks to finish the F1 car. However, because of just a minor oversight in planning, the project came out barely functional as a key piece was missing: the motor hold. This was something that taught him to always double check and be careful about things, be meticulous so that effort isn’t wasted without reason but also to be able to accept and adjust to the citation as Joe was able to make the car work in the end.

In school, Joe is a robotics club engineer and an avid swimmer, specializing in breast stroke. Outside of school he is a coder and someone who loves to try new things. Some of those random things can include hand pouring coffee, fixing the most random things, or even woodworking.

When pondering about the future, Joe wants to be able to gain a good education to get the foundation for the ability to do what he wants and live a happy life. From his perspective, a happy life includes health and well-being first, stability being second, and then getting to the fun parts of life.

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