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Advocate, Water Treatment
Founder and CEO, Day Zero Water

Om Sanan is a steadfast clean water advocate and environmental sustainability supporter, working on merging his interdisciplinary skills in computer programming/artificial intelligence/machine learning and water treatment to create a positive change in communities around the world.

Om’s interest in clean water was sparked during his 5th-grade Capstone project, where he studied and analyzed the water crisis and water filtration methods in developing countries. This experience ignited his commitment to addressing water scarcity and promoting clean water initiatives. Currently, Om is the founder and CEO of Day Zero Water, a student-led non-profit organization that focuses on water scarcity, clean water awareness, and implementing water filtration systems in New York schools and developing areas. The organization has successfully fundraised for and executed numerous projects in New York, Africa, and India, including collaborating with local schools to test and improve water quality.

Academically, Om is an adept student with over six years of experience in computer programming (Python, Java, AI/ML). He currently researches water desalination techniques and applies his AI and Machine Learning expertise to optimize water treatment processes, minimize cost, as well as limit greenhouse gas emissions. Om actively participates in his high school’s Green Club, Robotics Club, and BYTE Club. He interns at Millwood Water Treatment Plant, one of the most advanced water treatment plants in the country, and will be interning at the National Renewable Energy Labs in Colorado in the summer of 2023, focusing on the water-energy nexus.

On a personal level, Om tutors underprivileged kids in math and computer programming and organizes charitable events. He is a member of several respected water and environmental organizations and enjoys boating, water sports, and traveling. In 2022, his basketball club team claimed the 15U Nationals in Boston.

With aspirations to major in environmental engineering at top engineering schools, Om aims to continue his work in addressing global water challenges through innovative and cost-effective solutions, positively impacting the lives of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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