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Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

Aleksejs Zagrebelnijs is an open-minded, sociable and responsible person able to work both individually and in a team, with an analytical mind and the ability to communicate and work with different people. He is willing to learn and develop. Being an optimistic and creative team member with very good presentation skills and a wide range of interests, he is also able to work in a self-contained manner. He is a highly motivated and energetic person with a flexible personality with strong communication and interpersonal skills, and the ability to work under stress.


When asked about an experience in his life where Aleksejs felt had a lasting impact on his personal development, he recalls one time when he and his family decided that they wanted to buy a dog. Without diving into the decision, the animal was on the front porch on the next day. Even though the initial emotions were at its peak, the realization of the reality came a couple of days after, when we understood the required responsibility was not something we could handle at that moment. From that experience, he reflected and learned that, before making decisions, they need to be fully thought through by conducting the necessary research and allowing for time to let the implications of a decision fully settle in. To this day, he still uses this philosophy to evaluate any decisions, and look at different options and scenarios available. Additionally, in decisions regarding living beings, in this case, a dog, ethical thinking should come into play. The animal which his family adopted might have been better off in a different place, where people are fully ready and prepared. Luckily, despite the circumstances, the family was able to find a suitable home for this dog, and he still gets to visit every summer.


Currently, Aleksejs is passionate about finding out about game theory. He has written a publication for a school’s economics newspaper about an introduction to game theory. Then, he created a game theory extracurricular activity in his school to explain simplified concepts for younger students in the school. To gain further insights, he is going to complete a game theory course to further develop his knowledge. Outside of game theory, he is engaged across various school and community initiatives to widen his areas of interest. 


With an eye to his future, he is planning to attend a world class university to get a good knowledge background in the field of his study, which is economics. He believes that the knowledge he will learn can be applied in nearly every industry, no matter where he will work. Additionally, he is searching for networking opportunities, and meeting great, determined and motivated people. It is his firm belief that no matter which career he chooses, he would be able to create and scale a positive impact on society.

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