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Future of Innovation,
Youth Advocate

Audrey Wan is a highly motivated individual hailing from vibrant Hong Kong. Currently studying in the UK, she possesses a unique blend of empathy, introspection, and a passion for computer science. Recognizing the immense potential for technology, Audrey is driven by her belief in its capacity to solve complex problems and improve lives. As she continues her studies and gains hands-on experience, she is actively developing a robust skill set in data-driven solutions. With this expertise, she aspires to make a lasting impact in addressing pressing societal challenges. 

Audrey developed a deep love for traveling at a young age, relishing the opportunity to explore new places and immerse herself in diverse cultures. These experiences not only thrilled her adventurous spirit but also sparked her passion for discovering new interests and talents. Alongside the joy of travel, Audrey cherished the quality time spent with her family. Unfortunately, the arrival of the covid pandemic abruptly halted her travels, leaving her feeling isolated and lacking motivation. However, in this period of uncertainty, Audrey stumbled upon the concept of ‘virtual worlds’ through video games. Since childhood, she had always been captivated by game development and gameplay, leading her to develop a strong passion for computer science. The patterns and coordination in video games resonated with her, and she found solace in this virtual realm. What started as a means of passing time became a gateway to a new passion and a vibrant community. Through this challenging period, Audrey learned a valuable lesson - that even in the midst of adversity, one can break free from their own confines and rediscover themselves. 

In high school, Audrey is fully engaged in both her academic and extracurricular pursuits. As she prepares for her GCSEs, she also dedicates a significant amount of time to her passion for music. Being a lead oboist in both the Symphony orchestra and symphonic wind band, she regularly performs in various concerts. In addition to her musical commitments, Audrey took on a role as a committee member in the sustainability club, and actively worked on different initiatives to promote sustainability within her school community. Recognizing the importance of giving back, Audrey has also founded a volunteering club in Cheltenham, serving the elderly and making a difference in their lives. Balancing her schedule, she manages to stay physically fit through her participation in varsity skiing. Furthermore, Audrey actively engages in the coding club and ethical hacking club, nurturing her interest in technology and cybersecurity. During her free time, she enjoys coding and creating projects, and using her quantitative skills to assist her peers with challenging math problems by providing alternative approaches to problem-solving.

Audrey is driven by her passion for computer science and entrepreneurship, and she has set her sights on attending Stanford University to fully nurture these interests. During her time in university, she is determined to embark on ambitious projects that can make a positive impact on her community. With a strong inclination towards problem-solving, Audrey envisions a future where she can merge her expertise in finance and technology to create innovative solutions that enhance people's lives.

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