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Future of Health
Youth Advocate

Thanishkaa Saravanane is very hardworking and determined when it comes to achieving her goals. She cares deeply about mental health and is passionate about neuroscience. 

Thanishka enjoys spending time outdoors in the sun with her family, usually hiking and biking. She is adventurous and curious and spends a lot of her free time binging Netflix, reading, sketching, and running. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and eating a lot of food! She is well-driven when it comes to school and enjoys participating in clubs such as DECA, FBLA, and HOSA. 

She started Smile Squad in hopes of helping middle schoolers prepare for high school emotionally and academically. When she was in middle school, she often wished for someone closer to her age but older to talk to so that they would understand exactly what she was going through. 

Looking ahead, she hopes to be a mentor to anyone who feels the same way, and drive systems level change towards positive and inclusive health. 

Thanishkaa Saravanane: Service
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