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Future of Technology,
Youth Advocate

Meet Stepan Vishnyak, a dynamic force in the world of computer science. With a fervent passion for cybersecurity and a knack for competitive programming, he's poised to make waves in the ever-evolving digital landscape. His friends would describe him as open-minded, thoughtful and benevolent. When he's passionate about something, he becomes highly focused, disciplined, and determined to achieve his goals. He's a listener by nature, believing it's the best way to gain knowledge and understanding.



As a young boy visiting Thailand for the first time, Stepan vividly recalls his first experience at the Yi Peng Festival, just days after my arrival. Surrounded by the mesmerizing glow of lanterns, he quickly made friends amidst the enchanting atmosphere, and for the first time embraced the rich fabric of cultural diversity that is on offer in the world. It was a breathtaking introduction to the beauty of Thai culture, and it opened doors for him in terms of working with youth globally to co-design a brighter future for all.  Thailand holds a special place in his heart, as it was a significant part of his childhood.


To achieve his desired outcomes in life, Stepan believes that it is important to pursue a wide spectrum of interests, both academically and personally, to grow as a person. Inside of school, he is taking the courses of computer science, mathematics and further mathematics, physics and Russian. For his school extracurricular activities, he is actively engaged in competitive programming as well as MUN club, while helping younger years with their math. Outside of school, he participates in tennis and online chess competitively trying to climb the ranks of an online FIDE master. During his spare time, he plays video games with his friends and goes on a run every time he’s at home. He also tries to spend more time with his siblings and friends where possible. 


Looking ahead, Stepan aims to combine his skills and passion in computer science and engineering to build more efficient and effective security systems, as he believes this will be more necessary as the world continues to digitalize. Stepan believes that by providing equal opportunities to those less fortunate, it will make the world a better place for all. In the future, he hopes to use computer science towards this goal to make a meaningful impact on those in need. Moreover, he thinks that the safeguarding of personal information and property is a fundamental pillar for long-term shared prosperity.   . 

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