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Future of Philanthropy,
Youth Advocate

Kanpitchaya Phornprapha is a seventeen-year-old student at Brighton College’s Bangkok, Thailand campus. In school, Kanpitchaya is an active member of the House Captain Leader Group, where serves as a mentor and leader on campus for the junior class members. She also takes part in the Anti-Bullying group, raising awareness about bullying and its consequences and helps build a more supportive peer environment at school. From a young age, Kanpitchaya discovered her passion for creative design, innovative projects, and community service.


In her school life, Kanpitchaya has experienced ups and downs. She has a close friend whom she loves dearly. However, her friend is going through a stressful time due to her mother's high expectations and prodigious plans, often referred to as the "designer kids phenomenon." In actuality, in many countries in Asia and around the world, parents struggling with their own FOMO (fear of missing out) and insecurities, often driven by social media dynamics, push their children into predetermined paths and overwrought schedules without their consultation. This is one factor contributing to the youth mental health crisis, and in the long-run will lead to unhealthy work habits and ultimately an unhealthy adult population and society. 


In an effort to combat this problem, Kanpitchaya has founded Strive for Balance to provide support and advice to children in these situations as well as guidance for parents and teachers. It’s one small step in the fight to restore mental health to an increasingly anxious generation, but it’s a needed one!


Kanpitchaya is driven by a passion for helping people, particularly children and families and motivated by working with people at the ground level. As such, she is considering a variety of pathways including medicine, advocacy, and communications. However, she is looking forward to figuring it out as she executes her passion project and pursues a love of learning. 

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