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Future of Psychology,
Youth Advocate

Elisa Shen is an empathetic and compassionate person when it comes to serving the vulnerable and less privileged groups of people in society such that society can become more inclusive. 

Growing up, Elisa used to believe that adulting is all about becoming more capable and overcoming your weaknesses. Through her experiences volunteering and working with people of different experiences and perspectives, Elisa has learnt that adulting is much more than that. It involves finding the courage to show one’s weaknesses. Finding this courage has also allowed Elisa to become more receptive to the perspectives of others, which has made her realize that there is something to learn from everyone and from every incident, as long as you are willing to listen and observe.   

To continue in upskilling her knowledge and know-how in psychology, she self-studies through online learning platforms. She is an active participant in computing related competitions, including OneArena Robotics Competition, Cyberthon and 2023 SCSE Computing Challenge. In addition, she is involved in the publicity and administrative aspects of various projects related to volunteering or raising awareness of mental health. For her physical health, she plays badminton every weekend  

Elisa plans to take clinical psychology in university so that she can apply what she has learnt to create a safe space for people to be vulnerable and to provide emotional support for anyone who needs it. Through creating individuals to create safe spaces through counseling, she aims to drive systems change in intergenerational mental health and well-being.

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