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Youth Cultural Academy,

Samantha Kao is now a 17 year-old high school student who loves to take challenges and discover different approaches to cope with them. The sense of accomplishment after overcoming difficulties  is what motivates her. She cultivates her passion in languages, economics, and social justice.

She grew up in a family that encourages children to pursue multiple paths. When she encounters plights, her parents always tell her to keep moving forward, bolstering her perseverance. Samantha is also very close to her older brother, who shares Samantha’s curiosity. Guessing languages from songs, and observing natural phenomena and analyzing their reasons behind her brother are childhood memories that Samantha most values.

Throughout the school years, Samantha has taken many leadership positions, including class representative and StuCo president. The experience allows her to fathom the true meaning of so-called “titles,” making her a person who is willing to devote herself in her passion. Samantha is a linguaphile that enjoys discovering the structures of languages, and currently her repertoire includes: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Korean. Therefore, she attends Linguistics Olympiads and now tutors younger schoolmates with the experience she has accumulated. Moreover, Samantha is interested in social issues and economics. She has joined her school’s debate club and MUNs for years, and helped hosting MUNs in her high school.

Looking ahead, Samantha dreams to study a combination of linguistics and economics to realize an interdisciplinary education, and post-graduation, she is keen to pursue law. She wants to become a judge who is capable of realizing social justice with her knowledge and ability, contributing to the society in her utmost effort. 

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