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Future of Arts,
Youth Advocate

Michiho Shimasaki is passionate creator of visually stunning & artistically captivating musical theater productions, driven by a desire to draw inspiration from the past and contribute to the growth of the Japanese theater industry. She is also deeply committed to exploring arts policy and fostering theatrical education. 

At the age of 5, Michiho’s love for musicals was ignited when she experienced the enhancement of “Annie,” which fueled her ambition to perform Broadway musicals. With unwavering determination, she immersed herself in classes for acting, singing, and dancing, leading to her audition for “Annie” at the age of 11. The songs and resilient spirit of Annie became a constant source of inspiration, carrying Michiho through her most challenging moments. Despite a broken leg preventing her from performing on stage, she discovered comfort in Annie’s music, cultivating a deep belief in the transformative power of entertainment. The realisation ignited her passion to create a world where individuals can be uplifted and transformed through the magic of the arts. 

Continuously expanding her skills and knowledge, Michiho actively engages in various theater-related activities. Alongside pursuing personal leadership courses to enhance her teaching abilities, she has self-taught stage lighting theory and gained practical experience as a light designer. Through valuable internships, she refined her directing and sound technique. As a creative force, Michiho launched an art education project, teaching dance, acting, and singing to elementary school students. She successfully directed and performed in a collaborative musical production, further enriching her stage expertise, task management skills, and personal growth. 

Michiho plans to pursue a master’s degree in stage production after graduation and work for a production company as a producer. As there are limited opportunities to study Stage Management in Japan and few Japanese individuals choose this major overseas, she aims to share knowledge and experiences to inspire others interested in the field. Additionally, she intends to contribute to promoting stag production education for children. With experience gained from working overseas, her ultimate goal is to foster the development of original musicals in Japan and transform the Japanese musical industry, which currently relies  heavily on imported productions.

Michiho Shimasaki: Service
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