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Future of Business,
Youth Advocate

Aisien Ievlev is a young aspiring economist based in Yakutsk, Russia. His goal is to help advance economic development for his republic in order for future generations to enjoy a world modernized with the latest systems and technology.  

He believes that, as a youth, he has the responsibility to help his local community to solve the current forest fires situation. He envisions achieving this through exploring  economic means, such as attracting capital from diverse channels to develop more economically effective solutions in aerial firefighting, or creating a community trust of funds so many parties can come together to support economic and scientific research in the area of forest and biodiversity conservation. This work would also include advocacy and education for his peers, so that it becomes a generation-led initiative.  

Furthermore, Aisien wants to lead the development of green finance in his region, paving the way for long-term sustainable development funded by impact and green funds. One of the main problems currently is the permafrost, and residents in Arctic regions lack infrastructural support due to climate conditions. This leads to acute shortages in food, medicine and other necessary supplies in day-to-day lives. A project Aisien is formulating is developing a blueprint for future aerial transport systems in order to alleviate the ongoing infrastructure related problems. 

Another area of improvement which he wishes to see is the introduction of the “Smart ID” system into his city. This development would help citizens and organizations, especially those part of the government system, to improve service delivery and enhancement. There has been insufficient protection of personal data, leading to increased fraud and abuse, and the new systems would enhance accessibility and convenience while increasing protection. 

In the future, to fuel his passion in creating a bridge towards future prosperity for his hometown as well as nearby regions, he aims to pursue a world-class education in the aforementioned fields in order to gain real world knowledge and working experience from a global community of scholars and corporate leaders.

Aisien Ievlev: Service
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