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Future of Investment,
Global Leadership Team

Bhonkun Stananonth is a Bangkok based student specializing in the fields of business and finance for the foreseeable future. He goes by Kla, and he aspires to work as a strategy consultant to help shape a long-term sustainable and prosperous future for his generation. 

In freshman year, Kla was first introduced to business in school by his colleagues. He would then later go on to participate in many events and eventually help to foster an ocean cleanup organization with his peers serving as the fundraising coordinator for the organization. 

A fundamental philosophy which he ascribes to is that hard work is more important than raw talent. Essentially, it doesn’t matter where one starts, only where one ends up is key. It is meaningful because it entails that if one wants something, there is something that one, as a human being of free will, can do about it. 

At his school, Kla is pursuing a wide ranging list of activities to pursue both professional and personal growth. He is an exemplary student in the Sciences Award (Biology). Kla serves as the Thailand representative for the International History Olympiad, is ranked Top 50 in Thailand Economics Olympiad, and is also the MUN Executive at RIS and student management committee for THAIMUN —Thailand’s largest MUN conference. He has been nominated into the global leadership team of Future of Investment, a UN Foundation and Wharton Interactive featured youth program on financial literacy. 

Looking ahead, Kla aims to study business with a specialization in finance, and work a few years to gain real world experience before entering an MBA programme.

Bhonkun Stananonth: Service
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