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Promoting Perspective,

From Los Angeles, to Tokyo, to Chicago, and now Fullerton, where she currently resides, Mary Kim is excited to use her experiences to ultimately help others. She is currently launching her program Promoting Perspectives to promote new ideas among youth, with the hopes of encouraging and uniting a polarized society. 

Currently, Mary is the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper, the Oracle, where she writes, edits, and directs a talented team of artists and writers. Within school, she is the founder of her club, Kids for CASA, which partners with the non-profit CASA to raise awareness and funds to serve children in the foster care system. Through volunteering, fundraising, and various campaigns, Mary works towards the vision of helping every child find a safe, permanent home, with the opportunity to thrive in their own future. With over $30,000 raised in the 2021-2022 fundraising efforts, students donated 757 stuffed bears for youth in the child welfare system. This year, Mary hopes to jointly raise $40,000 with other CASA clubs all over California with a Subaru partnership. 

Outside of school, Mary is involved in the California Association of Student Councils, as the secretary of 1 of 12 regions representing various regions across California. With the opportunity to present a proposal to the California Senate of Education regarding increasing student voice in the education system, she has been able to take a part in meaningful student-led leadership ventures, such as directing biannual Leadership Advisory Conferences, featuring workshops and lectures from renowned professionals. Merging her passion to help youth with her abilities to advocate through leadership and journalism, Mary is excited to develop Promoting Perspectives to further these interests.

Mary hopes to attend a university that can utilize her strengths of leadership and empathy to spread awareness and create effective change in society. Through pursuing the humanities and possibly a career in law, she aims to use these skills to support future generations and underprivileged communities.

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