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Future of Economics,
Youth Advocate

Varvara Nebritova is a highly motivated individual who consistently strives for achievement. Her unwavering determination fuels her pursuit of diverse aspirations, one of which is studying abroad. Fueled by a passion for assisting others, particularly in the field of economics, she finds immense satisfaction in extending a helping hand to her peers, fueling her desire to forge a path closely with people in this sphere.

Since the early stages of her schooling, Varvara has been approached by classmates seeking her assistance, a task she performs effortlessly. Her friends are well aware of her capabilities, making her their go-to person for help. Recently, Varvara proved her prowess when she aided fellow classmates in passing her exams, resulting in remarkable improvements. Recognizing her aptitude, Varvara’s English teacher presented her with an opportunity to tutor girls in mathematics. These experiences not only shaped her future career aspirations, centered around working with people and providing assistance but also imparted valuable life lessons. Through helping others, Varvara has cultivated a heightened sense of responsibility, acquired effective communication skills, and developed the ability to explain information in a clear and concise manner. 

Varvara is an inspiring individual whose unwavering dedication to her pursuits has led her to flourish academically, excelling in one of the best schools in her city with consistent top marks. Her artistic brilliance shines through clay sculpting, oil painting, and her graceful dance performances, which have earned her numerous gold and silver medals in front of big crowds. Every winter her family goes skiing and there she also shows great results and takes part in competitions, where she gets certificates and medals. As a compassionate soul, she has created a club to add animals in shelters, striving to find them loving homes while gathering crucial statistics to further her cause. 

Driven by an unwavering desire to study abroad, particularly in Europe or the USA, Varvara is motivated by the promise of exceptional education and rewarding career opportunities. Her ardor for economics and her dedication to working with people fuel her relentless determination to achieve this extraordinary goal.

Varvara Nebritova: Service
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