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Ishaan Busireddy is a rising junior at River Hill High School in Clarksville, Maryland in the United States. He is intrigued by international relations, history, world cultures, and political science in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These interests were sparked by learning more about conflicts and international disputes, which led to his investigation of what created these situations. Passionate to promote the SDGs, particularly SDG 16: “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions” for a greater tomorrow, Ishaan enjoys exploring different pertinent global issues and potential solutions.

Involved in many initiatives, many of which he has founded to spread ideas and awareness, Ishaan contributes to creating change in a diverse array of fields. However, he foremostly founded the youth-led organization and website TalkDiplomacy which strives to represent the youth voice regarding pressing issues within the fields of international relations, justice, politics, human rights, and more. 

Through the formation of a driven and ambitious team consisting of youth from across the world, TalkDiplomacy’s dissemination of hundreds of articles, social media posts, and podcast episodes takes youth perspectives to the next level. TalkDiplomacy has expanded to a 52-member team, over 68-thousand Instagram followers, and over 250-thousand website visitors per month.

Strongly believing in the principle of understanding the past to create a better future, Ishaan aspires to incorporate and inspire youth to consider the SDGs, include their ideas and experiences in the UN’s mission, and work together to collectively advance humanity.

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