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Future of Financial Inclusion,
Youth Advocate

Competitive, driven and ambitious, Nivriti Srivastava is an Economics student with a particular interest in Financial Economics. She is dedicated to bringing change in the world by allowing people to have easier access to financial understanding, through literacy and inclusion. 

For Nivriti, the most important lesson she learned was to be calm and composed under pressure, and to never let pressure consume her mind. This helped her overcome several stressful situations and taught her to conquer her fears. This was a lesson she learned when taking formal exams for the first time. Never having done an important exam before, Nivriti was unfamiliar with the pressure that GSCEs would bring. Learning to silence tension and instead replace it with a calm mind is the most rewarding skill she has learnt. 

Nivriti became passionate about Economics at age 14, when she started studying it for GCSEs, and soon became passionate about Finance after doing reading and research outside of school. Nivriti runs a club with her peers called Youth Econ Society in order to nurture interest in Economics to kids under the age of 14. She is also currently volunteering at Dubai Centre for Special Needs on a weekly basis to give back to the community.

Looking ahead, Nivriti hopes to graduate from a Great University with a Major in Financial Economics, and then wants her first experience in the workplace as a consultant working in Financial Services (FS). She also hopes to pursue ongoing lifelong learning to broaden her horizons in the field of Finance and Economics in the future. 

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